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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Living Room Flood

This living room flooded from a pipe underneath the house bursting in Simi Valley, CA. You can see the water damage done to the carpet and the moisture affected... READ MORE

Condo Fire, Simi Valley CA

An electrical spark that started a condominium unit fire resulted in multiple tenants having to be evacuated while their units were completely re-mediated and d... READ MORE

A Large Mold Problem

After the massive rain storms that hit Southern California this department store realized they had a roof leak that was bein unattended to. Once the problem was... READ MORE

Mold Wants to Learn Too

SERVPRO works closely with numerous school districts in our area, because we take the safety of our children seriously. This school was experiencing mold proble... READ MORE

Keep an Eye on Your Water Heater

We all do it, we put the unappealing water heater out of site. Usually somewhere in the garage or the shed and we try to forget aout it. Until it causes a big p... READ MORE

First Floor Water Damage

This homeowner experienced a water loss that covered the entire first floor of their home because their water heater had been leaking for some time in their gar... READ MORE

Small Water Damage

This carpet had a lot of water damage after a slab leak in the floor. The homeowners tried to dry the area out themselves but ended up calling SERVPRO to come h... READ MORE

Mold In The Kitchen

After finding a massive amount of mold in their kitchen behind their kitchen cabinets these homeowners called SERVPRO of Simi Valley. The mold covered the entir... READ MORE

Hanging Out On The Ceiling

This home had mold that covered almost every inch of ceiling within the home. Our technicians spent time in every room removing all of the affected ceilings, wa... READ MORE

Bathroom Vent Fire

This bathroom experienced a fire loss from a vent that went up in flames. The homeowner was able to put out the flames before it spread any more along the ceili... READ MORE

Large Loss Commercial Fire

Fourteen units in this apartment plaza out in Simi Valley fell victim to a large fire loss. All units had to be packed out and demolition began immediately. Our... READ MORE

Saving Artwork

This art store suffered from a broken pipe in the ceiling. Our technicians moved all of the artwork and sculptures from the containment area to allow for us to ... READ MORE

Car Fire Lights Up House

A car fire that started in the garage and made it's throughout the house and destroyed everything in it's path. The extent of the damage covered the entire firs... READ MORE

Warehouse Fire

A large home fire started early one morning in Simi Valley, CA that consumed the entire home. Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire. SERVPRO of Simi Valley was... READ MORE

Commercial Ceiling Coming Down

This commercial building was hit hard during unusual rains that hit Southern California recently. It seemed as if every time the professional roofer was finishe... READ MORE

Storm Roof Tarping

This home wasn't prepared for storms that hit Southern California and parts of the roof that were weak from years of wear and tear. The rain from the storms cau... READ MORE

Fallen Trees After Storms

Other SERVPRO's across the country come in contact with many more storm losses than we do here in Southern California. This fallen tree was the result of strong... READ MORE

Storms Cause Mold

The intense rains Southern California received resulted in a lot of water and mold damages. If clients ignored their water damage it more than likely turned int... READ MORE

Muddy Mess

While they don't happen often Californians are not foreign to the idea of mud slides. We may not experience storms like other states do but SERVPRO of Simi Vall... READ MORE

Fire Experts In Your Area

A large home fire started early one morning in Simi Valley, CA that consumed the entire home. Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire. SERVPRO of Simi Valley was... READ MORE

8-5 Water Loss

When it comes to commercial jobs there is no such thing as "too big", as a Large Loss Response Team (LLRT) SERVPRO of Simi Valley is equipped with the technicia... READ MORE

Two Space Warehouse Flood

A manufacturing company had a large water loss and SERVPRO was able to be on the scene within the same day to help minimize the headache. This company was in pr... READ MORE

Hardwood Flooring Water Damage

It was 9pm on a Thursday when we got a frantic call from a boutique owner, crying that her floor was soaking wet and everything in the bottom cubbies were ruine... READ MORE

Dishwasher Water Damage

This dining room was connected to the kitchen where the dishwasher had overflowed and spilled over into the dining room. All of the carpet was soaked and the ba... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold

It's unusual to know that you have mold in your crawlspace because hardly anyone goes down there for fun. A lot of the time we see mold in crawlspaces when home... READ MORE

Mold Comes In All Colors

While the yellow color of this mold does compliment the color of the popcorn ceiling it is not for decoration. In fact this homeowner tried to ignore the proble... READ MORE

Garage Fire, Simi Valley CA

The before and after pictures above show only the affected garage but this entire home was up in flames before the fire department could get there. A few rooms ... READ MORE

Storms Damage Roof

This roof board up is the result of a roof leak from the heavy California rains. SERVPRO of Simi Valley was on the scene once the rain let up and we had enough ... READ MORE

Apartment Plaza Fire

Ten units were badly burned one evening in Simi Valley, CA. This particular unit was where the fire originated, notice the extent of the damage. Most of the uni... READ MORE

Wind & Rain Damage

This fallen over fence in Simi Valley, CA was the result of the nasty winds that hit during a rain storm. The extent of the damage included a dented car and a k... READ MORE

The Light Is....Leaking?

When the homeowners noticed their ceiling had started to bubble they didn't think much of it. But then the ceiling lights started to leak and they knew somethin... READ MORE

Always Check Your Roof!

After their roof was leaking without their knowledge these homeowners had extensive damage in the walls and ceiling of their home. We were able to save their bo... READ MORE

Mold in the Kitchen

This kitchen suffered massive microbial growth after the homeowner started noticing allergy like symptoms in his children. Once the mold was located our technic... READ MORE

Before/After Bathroom Remediation

This bathroom in Moorpark, CA had massive water damage in their bathroom due to a pipe that had burst underneath the floor and was causing the tile to crack. It... READ MORE

Unknown Water Damage

Detecting water damage can be a difficult task as often water damage losses don’t become evident right away. In fact, most of them exist over a prolonged ... READ MORE